Casa Malaparte is a work of art created by Curzio Malaparte



Drawing inspiration from the existing spirit of Casa Malaparte, Malaparte Design is dedicated to honoring the legacy of both man and house through an exploration of the elements that give the house its unique voice. Founded in 2019 by Malaparte's youngest descendent, Tommaso Rositani Suckert, Malaparte Design seeks to create modern reinterpretations of the iconic brand in the areas of furniture, design, art, film, and hospitality.




Curzio Malaparte, pseudonym of Kurt Erich Suckert, (1898-1957), was a journalist, dramatist, short-story writer, novelist, composer, director, screenwriter, designer, architect, diplomat, and one of the most powerful, brilliant, and controversial writers of the post-World War II period.


In 1938 Malaparte purchased a piece of land overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. There, he supervised the construction of Casa Malaparte, his autobiographical residence and architectural brainchild, to which he referred to with affection as “casa come me”—a “house like me.” Designed in its entirety, from floor plan to furniture, by Malaparte himself, the house blends classical and modernist influences, uniting them under one roof with inimitable poetic drama. Despite Malaparte's passing in 1957, the house lives on as an unrivaled architectural masterwork and an inspirational platform for present-day artists and designers.


As its inaugural project, Malaparte Design has created limited editions of the iconic furniture that graces the house to this day: a table, a bench, and a console. Each piece is hand-manufactured in Italy and is comprised of a simple, elegant solid walnut slab with supports in different natural materials. Nestled between 20th century avant-garde and Classical Mediterranean, each piece clings to symbolic devices focused on blending the author’s artistic ideas and personal history. 

Photo: Dariusz Jasak


Table (1941 - 2020)

European Walnut and Pine.

L: 380 cm W: 88 cm H: 81 cm

Bench (1941 - 2020)

European Walnut and Carrara Marble.

L: 435 cm W: 56 cm H: 47 cm

Console(1941 - 2020)

European Walnut and Tuff.

L: 270.5 cm W: 49 cm H: 72.4 cm




June 15–September 19, 2020
Davies Street, London





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Casa Malaparte is a work of art created by Curzio Malaparte

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